Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Bash

I share the same birthday with my best friend. Our birthdays are on March 25... but I am a little younger than Marcia (my best friend). LOL My step dad and my husband have birthdays close by too. My step dad's is on Mar. 23 and my husband's is on April 4; so, we just have a big birthday bash for all of us at my Mom and Step dad's lake house. What a blast!! My step dad and Marcia's husband, Mark, do a good job keeping us entertained with guitars and good vocals!! Here are a few pics..enjoy!!

Me and my cuz Brooke getting DOWN!! Wonder why she has on a jacket and I have on a sleeveless shirt...I must have been "toasty." :)

Me and Brooke

Me and Alan

David, Marcia, and Kimieria

Marcia, Erin, Candace, Momma

Shelly, Kimieria, Erin, Candace

Cody and Momma "cutting a rug"

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