Monday, May 18, 2009

Hate to see them go....

Gosh...I've got a delightful class this year. We've had a blast. They are like little sponges...they just soak up the knowledge. I am so ready for the summer, but I will miss my little "sweet babies" so much. This group has truly been a blessing this year. I hope God blesses me with a similar group next year.

It is so interesting to see them grow and change...and their little personalities are a hoot....there's never a dull moment...I LOVE, LOVE my job. :)

Yesterday one of my little boy's came in scratching his legs. He said, "Mrs. Dykes, a skeeter got in my room last night and ate me alive." Bless his heart, he was right. He had red bites all over his white, little legs. I sent him to the nurse to get some magic anti-itching cream. LOL

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  1. I can tell you're such a good teacher!! It's nice to have a job that you enjoy so much.