Monday, May 18, 2009

Hate to see them go....

Gosh...I've got a delightful class this year. We've had a blast. They are like little sponges...they just soak up the knowledge. I am so ready for the summer, but I will miss my little "sweet babies" so much. This group has truly been a blessing this year. I hope God blesses me with a similar group next year.

It is so interesting to see them grow and change...and their little personalities are a hoot....there's never a dull moment...I LOVE, LOVE my job. :)

Yesterday one of my little boy's came in scratching his legs. He said, "Mrs. Dykes, a skeeter got in my room last night and ate me alive." Bless his heart, he was right. He had red bites all over his white, little legs. I sent him to the nurse to get some magic anti-itching cream. LOL

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Bash

I share the same birthday with my best friend. Our birthdays are on March 25... but I am a little younger than Marcia (my best friend). LOL My step dad and my husband have birthdays close by too. My step dad's is on Mar. 23 and my husband's is on April 4; so, we just have a big birthday bash for all of us at my Mom and Step dad's lake house. What a blast!! My step dad and Marcia's husband, Mark, do a good job keeping us entertained with guitars and good vocals!! Here are a few pics..enjoy!!

Me and my cuz Brooke getting DOWN!! Wonder why she has on a jacket and I have on a sleeveless shirt...I must have been "toasty." :)

Me and Brooke

Me and Alan

David, Marcia, and Kimieria

Marcia, Erin, Candace, Momma

Shelly, Kimieria, Erin, Candace

Cody and Momma "cutting a rug"

Easter Weekend at the Homeplace

On Easter weekend, my family always goes to Talladega to the "Homeplace." This is where my Mom and her brothers and sisters grew up. My Mom has four sisters and one brother...I know poor brother with all those sisters. Anyway, everyone gets together...aunts, uncles, cousins...SO MUCH FUN! We ride 4-wheelers on all kinds of different trails. Needless to say...there are always obstacles...mudpuddles, creeks, trails to make, etc. We also have lots of YUMMY food that everyone brings. Everybody has their own "speciality." I love this time I get to share with my family. Here are a few pics of our fabulous weekend! :) Sorry my post is a little late, but better late than never...right??? I have a hard time finding time to sit down and do this. I don't know what I'll do when Alan and I decide to start a family. times....Uncle John hit a tree in the Razor and screwed up an axle.....the men were trying to fix it. LOL

My brother Keith and I.

Keith, Jared, Alan (my hubby) All smiles :)

Brooke, Chelsea, Christina, and me

Brookie and Me

Alan and I

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trying to get started!!

I am trying to get started on the "blogging" thing. I really like to keep up with my friends, so maybe they want to keep up with me too!! Anyway, most of you know I just got married in November. I am loving married life. I love with one of the BEST men in this whole entire world. God made him just for me. He is so sweet....he rubs my feet EVERY night, cooks me breakfast in the just say a few of the things he does for me....DARN he is good. Here is one of my most favorite pics of us on our wedding day.

We have a wonderful child (dog) named Heidi. She got to be part of our wedding pics too!! All of our pics were taken at our house before the wedding. That was really special to me.

Life is so is a pic of some of my best friends.